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    The Mighty Dodge is finally home after 30 years of waiting. A few things to take care of. The gas gauge is pinned on full. I'm hoping it's a bad ground. The clutch needs adjustment. The brakes are fair...I'm hoping the rear brakes need tightening and adjust the emergency brake. The speedometer wasn't working. I know its good because I tested it before I installed the cluster. Could be the new cable isn't installed in the speedometer. IMG_0930.JPG IMG_5411.JPG
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    Fuel gauge isn't a "bad ground" problem. If its on "full" that means the circuit sees VERY LOW resistance, like 10 ohms or less. A "higher" resistance makes the fuel gauge drop lower. Empty should be displayed when the circuit resistance is around 75 ohms or so. Below is a table showing some typical readings for this circuit. All resistance readings are in "ohms".

    Fuel Gauge - E 1/8 1/4 3/8 1/2 5/8 3/4 7/8 F

    Resistance - 68.0 49.0 40.0 31.0 25.5 21.0 17.5 14.0 12.0

    Well, the columns got scrambled when I posted this. Maybe you can still figure it out if you look closely. Sorry!

    Edit: I'll also add, these readings were done on a couple of '69's. But I would wager that the '70 circuit is VERY similar if not identical. So, for what its worth? Shrug
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    Get a few more of them issues out of the way. And go have a nice cruise....
    If you have an old sender you can test the system with it?
    Looks Awesome not sitting in the shop and out on the road !!!!! NICE !!!!!!!!!!
  4. Huskidrive

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    It's finally home. The brakes are still a concern. They work,but poorly. I'll stay local and see if they "break in" I'm happy to have it back! IMG_5430.jpg
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    I have the original gas tank with the sender still installed. It's by my friends house in PA. I'll get it before cruising season! In the mean time I'll tinker around with what I have. I might get lucky.......
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    Alright! Congratulations!
    Out of the shop and on the road! You must be feeling pretty good about that eh. Drunk
    You'll get the remaining details figured out soon enough. For now... Enjoy!
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  7. Bob Hogan

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    Look at you !!!!! Flannel shirt, Jeans, a 1970 plate and a dam good looking Challenger !!!!! Wow I'm sure your going to be getting lots of thumbs up's !!!!!
    Enjoy the ride !!!! Watch out Jersey !!!!!
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