1963 Dodge Dart 170

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    P9240049.JPG P9240048.JPG P9240047.JPG Due to the recent passing of my Uncle, his 1963 Dart is now for sale. I am assisting my Aunt with the sale of his car.

    As stated, it is a 1963 Dodge Dart 170 four door sedan. It appears to be a very factory original '63 Dart with the exception of normal maintenance replacement parts. Engine is a very smooth running 170 cu. in. slant six, the transmission is a push button automatic. There is no reason to suspect the drive train to be anything other than factory original. I believe the interior is the factory original and of course there are some tears and worn spots from over 56 years of use. To the best of our knowledge the car has 102,085 miles on it. The dash and interior trim appears to be in nice shape. Exterior trim is all there as well and nearly dent free, the piece missing from the drivers door is included and in the trunk. As far as we know it has never been in an accident although it has had some amateur rust repair (expect some amount of bondo) to the lower portions of the car on both sides. I know of some rust in the trunk floor and a soft spot in the rear passenger side floor, but overall a fairly solid car. It was purchased new from the H.H. Markle Dodge dealership in Loveland, Colorado. My uncle purchased it from Colorado (possibly from the original owner) in 1994 and drove it home to Indiana at that time without any trouble on the road along the way. He used it for his daily driver for about 20 years before he fell ill and could no longer drive or work on it.

    Serious parties are encouraged to perform their own personal inspection of the car or hire an expert appraiser prior to purchase, I am not an appraiser and my opinion may differ from yours. However, I have NOTHING to gain in the sale of this car other than helping my aunt and am therefore trying to represent the car as fairly as possible.

    Indiana title is free and clear in her name. Runs and yard drives. I recommend a trailer, it has not been road driven for about the last 3 years. No trades, cash only, pickup in person or arrange for your own shipping/transport. Located in northern Indiana near South Bend. $2,500
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    A couple more photos

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    I dont want to muddy up your for sale post.... But what a great project for someone up near you or wanting a cool little Mopar !!! Outstanding...
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    Thanks Bob, I agree this could be a nice little car with the right owner and a little TLC. Hopefully we can find that buyer, we don't want to scrap it but she can't keep it forever!



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    Still available........




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