340 Cuda 4 barrel Thermo-Quad Carb ID

Discussion in 'Engine/Fuel/Exhaust' started by sbrinsky, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. sbrinsky

    sbrinsky New Member

    I have a 1973 Auto Transmission 340 Cuda which possesses a 4 barrel Thermo-Quad Carb. On the rear drivers side of the carb mount/base I located the card id part number of 6457S. From the books I have read they state a 6457S is associated to a 400 Dodge. Can anyone advise if a TQ carb #5457S is in fact or possibly a carb associated to my run of Cuda's. I need to order a carb kit and want to be diligent to order the right one.

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  2. 67r/t4speeder

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    My book shows a 6321s or 6342s Calif. as correct for your car with auto 340

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