65 Belv 340 4 spd

Discussion in 'Engine/Fuel/Exhaust' started by tstang51, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. tstang51

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    Hello, I am swapping my 273/3spd for a 340/4spd in my 65 Belvedere conv. Thought it would be a bolt in but apparently it isn't. Has anyone done this? Seems to be issues with clutch linkage and rear trans mounts. Any thoughts or advise most appreciated. Can any one confirm that B bodies this year were or were not available with small block& 4 spd? Thanks, Tim
  2. Bob Hogan

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    Wished I could answer that for you.... I got nothing.... hope someone jumps up in here with your answer...
  3. mrmopartech

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    Biggest problem is clutch size and Z bar location.Here is where the problem starts,low HP motors come with the smallest flywheel they can use,10 inch/10.5.Your 340 most likely has a 11 inch unit,meaning you need a 11 inch bell housing to match the flywheel,if you don,t,the assembly wont go together,will not bolt in and if forced,will grind like mad at start up,mrmopartech 514 659 0445

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