69 Bee 11" front drum self adjusting picture

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  1. Old Popeye

    Old Popeye New Member

    Does anyone have a photo of what the self adjusting set up should look like on a 69 Bee Front 11" drum set up ?
  2. '69 Dodge Man

    '69 Dodge Man Member

    There isn't one. The Super Bee 11" drum system is the HD brakes and DO NOT have self-adjusters, they are manual adjust only. 9" and 10" drum brakes had self-adjusters, but not the HD 11". Your FSM (factory service manual) will tell you this.
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  3. '69 Dodge Man

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    Chrysler sales literature from '69

    Manual Brakes.jpg
  4. Old Popeye

    Old Popeye New Member

    Thanks for the reply ,appreciate the insight , still a bit confused regarding the info in the service manual which shows 11" self adjusting brakes for Police /taxis HD ,and there are numerous auto adjusting kits available for the 11' drums . Was there a specific reason they were not available from the factory for the Bee and RT models and is there any reason why I cannot install them on my 69 Bee ? I just finished install on the rears , fronts will be done prior to spring. Thanks again for the reply
  5. '69 Dodge Man

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    Well, my FSM doesn't show self adjusters for the 11's. What section and page number?? Maybe I missed something in there. And my Super Bee has 11" with manual adjusters all the way around, so given that I was under the impression that there were no 11" self adjusters on Bees especially with the factory literature that's shown stating that.

    Maybe someone else has some better information stating otherwise?????????
  6. Old Popeye

    Old Popeye New Member

    Sorry I misinterpreted the figure I was looking at on 5-6 , my bad. You are correct the 11" diagram does not show auto adjusters in the manual.
    Saying that I am not questioning that the 69 Bee / RT did not come from the factory with the adjusters , just not sure why they did not ?
    Currently there are multiple kits available by centric , AC delco , Raybestos & Napa specifically for 11" drums ( front and rear ) and I did install the rear kit last week on my 69. So despite not being available when new they do seem to be available now and the install on the rear of my 69 was straight forward ( see attached ) , hoping the front brakes are as straight forward. :)
    Thanks again for the reply

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  7. '69 Dodge Man

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    I understand what you're saying, but we will probably never know "why not" on the 11" units unless one of the Chrysler engineers who designed them is still around to tell us. Unfortunately, most of them are now gone. Actually, the brake assemblies were made by Bendix and probably designed there with ultimate approval of the Bendix design by Chrysler. I worked on several Bendix drum brake assembly lines for a few years back in the early '70's, pretty sure most all of the Bendix engineers are gone now too. I know for sure the whole Bendix Brakes factory building in South Bend, Indiana where most all of these drum assemblies were made is gone, it was demolished and cleared about 8-10 years ago. :(
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  8. Bob Hogan

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    Learn something new every day...... Wow
    But I dont see any reason you could not install them.
    Keep us posted on how they work!!!!

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