72 w200 360ci problems

Discussion in 'Engine/Fuel/Exhaust' started by Jan-evander, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. Jan-evander

    Jan-evander New Member

    Engine cut off while driving.will not start. Fuel still spraying into carb. Distributor is connected. Turns but not catches. Any thoughts?
  2. mrmopartech

    mrmopartech Moderator Staff Member

    This is most likely a ignition problem and it would be niece to know what the car is,year model motor,etc to know if this car/truck has a common problem or a check engine light on?Now if it,s a older car,could be a ballast resistor,if it,s a modern car a crank sensor/cam sensor.Other problems with the newer cars is a stuck fuel pump or it just died completely.How much mileage on the car.If you are stuck with no means of moving,call me at 450 424 0445/514 659 0445,mrmopartech

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