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Discussion in 'Transmission/Axle' started by Volare_78, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. Volare_78

    Volare_78 New Member

    Hi veryone,

    who can help me for my Plymouth Volare 318ci with automatic transmission.

    What kind of fluid can I use .... some says DEXRON III .... and how much for oil change with filter ???

  2. Bob Hogan

    Bob Hogan Well-Known Member

    What dose the stick ask you to use? Cross it from their... :)
    As for the Transmission service.... 150.00 For the filter change and Flush.
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  3. mrmopartech

    mrmopartech Moderator Staff Member

    Most of the time it,s F type oil and you land up using up 6-10 quarts,mrmopartech

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