Carburation on a 318 cu in A series V8

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    Hi guys

    I'm over in the UK , and require some info for a 600 cu ft/min Edelbrock carb 4BBL. What is the main jet size and rod size for street performance on a 318 cu in V8 A series engine circa 1965 vintage. Not much info over in the UK on this. Any info would be much appreciated.

    Kind regards

  2. Bob Hogan

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  3. phil318

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    Hi Bob
    Been away hence the late reply. Many thanks for this info.
  4. Bob Hogan

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    Hope you got what you needed to get it fixed?
  5. phil318

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    Hi Bob

    Thanks for the info as I have now read the manual. I guess I will source the parts I require from my usual sources, unless you know of an outfit that will send the items over the pond to the UK.
  6. Bob Hogan

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    RJRENTON New Member

    You mentioned that your application is a '65 vintage 318 engine with a 600 cfm Edlebrock (Carter) carb. Is this engine the old "A" polyhead series or the '67 vintage LA series engine. If it's the old polyhead engine, manifold choices are limited. If you are using Mopar parts from a 1967 LA 318 (273 cubic inch engine), Barracuda formula S engine, a OEM Carter 4294S is a great choice, especially if using the Barracuda Formula S cam, its 600 cfm, with velocity actuated secondaries, it also has 3 step primary metering rods and mates to the well choke and has a 4 7/8" dia. air horn. I also ran on my old LA 318, a 1968 Barracuda 340 carb, which is the new for '68, Carter AVS Carb. This is a great substitute and offers approximately 750 CFM air flow, 3 dtep primary metering rods, an adjustable secondary air valve for easy tuning and 5 1/4" dia. air horn. You will need to drill the carb's base to match the manifold stud dimensions...a minor task.. This combo will really wake up the old 318, yet yield decent fuel economy (a relative consideration), provide excellent throttle response and drivability. Source the carb on the internet...its well worth the cost and effort. The new style of Edlebrock carbs sre OK...but i like the style that Mopar provided as OEM...but this is just my opinion. Use a Barracuda Formula S, dual point distributor, recurved to provide full advance at 2400 RPM and a TOTAL ADVANCE of 36 degrees.
    Let us know how you make out or if you need anything else.
    Cheers, Bob Renton

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