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    The gauge is not showing a correct fuel level. With just around 8 gallons of fuel I am showing 3/4 on the gauge. The fuel sending unit is not even a year old and is the correct fuel sending unit for the tank not a after market re pop. On this type it has a one wire plug and there is only one fuel line that attaches to it. If I disconnect the wire the gauge will go to empty and if I re plug the wire it will go back to 3/4. I did a little wire test from the wire plug to a nice clean area for grounding and the fuel gauge now reads past the full mark on the gauge. It is almost like the gauge is reading backwards. I have never seen one do that before? Your thoughts. Thank You
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    I removed the sending unit from the tank. When moving the arm up and down I observed the arm tending to stick just a little. Bent the three tabs back and looks like the copper spring was bent down to much causing it not to ride smoother on the coil pad I pinched it just a hair bent the tabs back down and reinstalled. Now when I turn the ignition on we have 1/2 tank of fuel and when I turn the ignition off it goes right on E looks like I fixed it. Like I said it was a new NOS unit and just the coil spring was off it looked like. Little pinch closing seems to have fixed it. I will continue to observe it I am to old to walk because of running out of gas. Those days are over lol Thank You
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    Awesome... Thank for the UpDate...:)

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