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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bob Hogan, Nov 12, 2016.

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    Thank You Brother!
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    I had previously ordered a socket to remove the spindle bearing lock nuts on the truck. As luck would have it though, or should I say, in keeping with my usual lack thereof, they sent me the wrong socket! Now the truck sits around for another week WAITING, like everything else on my list. It's a wonder I ever get anything accomplished.

    I did manage to get the oil & filter changed in my wife's 07 Pacifica this morning though, so that's one item off the To-Do list.
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    Friend of mine sent me a text yesterday, said he had the socket I needed so I drove over there and picked it up, so I could get started on this job.
    With Socket in hand, I tore down most of the front axle on the truck this morning. The only thing left to pull now is the King Pin assemblies, but at least now with everything out of the way I was able to properly inspect them. So during the tear down I found (5) issues...
    (1) As expected, the king pin assembly on the passenger side had considerable play in it.
    (2) The locknuts for the outer wheel bearing retainers were less than finger tight, completely loose on the drivers side. They're suppose to be torqued down.
    (3) The locking tabs for the actual bearing retaining nuts were never peened over, so the nuts were free to turn and back out.
    (4) The inner wheel bearing seal on the drivers side was coming apart, and no longer doing it's job.
    (5) The Universal Joint for the axle steering knuckle on the drivers side was nice and tight, no slop, BUT... one side of the u-joint, the wheel side, was frozen! The bearings for the axle side were perfectly normal, but you could lay the axle down on the ground, stand on the main axle and try to pull up on the short side, and it wouldn't budge... maybe with a hammer or hydraulic force, but not by hand.
    Turns out this 1/2 frozen U-Joint is the actual culprit causing all of these weird steering issues, and it all makes sense now in retrospect. Of course the joints all checked out fine on the ground, but once the axle was out, the well hidden issue became immediately and readily apparent.

    Heading for NH in the morning... My newest granddaughter, little Olivia is having her first birthday! That said, the truck will just have to wait until Monday.

    Frozen Axle.jpg
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    Good Morning Y'all !!!!!!
    Mike Glad to hear your getting a grip on the Stones... That stuff is not fun i have been told by some of my friends
    Thanks for checking on the wife, She is still in bad shape, But all I can say is she is one tough gal. (She's Irish and Cherokee Indian) and a hand full !!!!! lol
    Not to much going on in on my end with Mopar work here at the house. But, My job is cranking and I running my butt off.
    However, One of my buddys over 1 State has been probing me.... And I have agreed.... to help him pencil up a 1973 Dodge Charger (Drag Car) with a 451 ProCharger... So will see how that project gets lifted off the ground. It's a few years out, But should be fun to help with.
    Just got to find that one guy that has a little plane for me to go back and fourth..... Hahahaahahahahahaaha

    Hope all you other guys are doing well with you projects ???????? Y'all report in.... Have a great day !!!!!!
  5. Bob Hogan

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    Sure Sounds like you making good headway on getting the items that needed tending too fixed.... But we all know how those list grow.... Keep Chipping at it !!!!
    Cheers !!!
  6. Bob Hogan

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    Oh... Did mention that it is going to be 91* today.... And I have to go clean Pine needles off the roof.... This suck by the way !!!!
    Mike:::: Congrats on the new Grandbaby !!!!! Hope all is well and you had a safe trip... :)
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    So yesterday I put a 3/4" Impact Wrench on the king pins, but they just laughed, they weren't budging. So then I used a torch and the impact wrench, but still they just laughed.

    Well, those Kin Pin's weren't laughing this morning...
    I put my Heavy Duty 3/4" Breaker Bar on there from work, with a 6 foot piece of 3" Steel Square Tube for an extension, and went to town. They let go with one heck of a bang... I had to look to see which broke on the first one, the king pin or the breaker bar. Fortunately it was the King Pin breaking free that sounded like a gun shot.
    Once again, brute force worked where fancy expensive tools and technology failed. Now I just have to clean everything up and put it all back together.

    King Pin 4.jpg

    King Pin 5.jpg

    King Pin 6.jpg

    King Pin 7.jpg
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    Irish and Cherokee.... Dang Bob, you don't stand a chance! :D
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    We have a beautiful day here in CT today... Blue Sky... Mid 70's... Dry air with a nice gentle breeze. Wish I was home to enjoy it ROLF
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    Tell me about it...... Hahaahahahaaha
  11. Bob Hogan

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    !!!!!!!!!!!! What no Video of you hitting the floor ??????? Busted
    Glad you got it loose with out to much effort !!! (hehehehe)DrunkDrunk
  12. 67Mopar

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    Well, the hard part is done...
    New King Pins and Lower Bearing Races installed on both sides.
    A made a tool for installing the new bearing races, using one of the old ones. I ground the sides of the old bearing race down a bit on a bench grinder, then polished them with a bench mounted belt sander. I took off just enough so the old bearing race would freely slide in & out of the socket. Put the new races in the freezer for a bit, then tapped them into place. Worked like a charm. I also took a small needle gun to the yokes and removed 97% of the built up grime and scale that has accumulated over the last 30 years.

    Tomorrow I should have the king pin assemblies all finished, buttoned up and ready to go.... and hopefully a little extra.

    King Pin 8.jpg
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    I only have 30 minutes to an hour to get everything done each day that requires my attention, so after paying bills this morning and running some errands out in town, I started back in on the truck. I only had about 30 minutes to play and I spent most of that time cleaning the dirt and grime off the old iron casting and machined surfaces. I did manage to get the lower king pin bearings and seals installed, then slipped the big yokes and tie rod into place. The only thing left to do here is install the BIG springs that hold pressure on the King Pins and put the covers on... torque it all down and add a few extra shots of grease.
    Then it's time for the axles, bearings, rotors, hubs, calipers and brakes.

    King Pin 10.jpg

    King Pin 12.jpg
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  14. Bob Hogan

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    Dang.... Your making progress.... But you better change them brake line hoses while your in it.. See what happens when im not looking out for you....Stir_The_PotWhistling

    Looking good !!!!!Double_Thumbs_Up
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    It's all part of the plan Wacko New fluid as well.

  16. 67Mopar

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    Finished up the King Pin assemblies and "removed the old brake hoses". :D



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    Looking Good..... :)
  18. 67Mopar

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    Picked up the axles at the shop this morning. The frozen side of that U-Joint had to be burnt out with a torch, it wasn't giving in to nobody. All new universals for the steering knuckles now though.
    No time for anything today... just stuck the axles back in the holes, and started cleaning up one of the spindle sets and associated caliper bracket. Should have those finished up tomorrow, then it's on to the hubs and rotors.

    King Pin 13.jpg

    King Pin 14.jpg
  19. Bob Hogan

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    Those look H.D. enough... :)
  20. 67Mopar

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    Finished up the spindles this morning... Spindles are mounted, caliper brackets and shields installed, all bolting has been torqued to spec, everything has been greased. Next up is the hubs and rotors. Cleaned up the hubs this morning as well, so I should be good to go for tomorrow. The outside of the hubs were fine, but getting all that old grease and grime out of them was a chore. Just have to pick ups set of bearing seals for the hubs and a couple of new brake hoses. Hopefully I can pick them up locally, but I'm not holding my breath.






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