Mike's 67 Charger Restoration - Part 2

Discussion in 'Bodywork/Paint/Exterior' started by 67Mopar, May 10, 2018.

  1. Bob Hogan

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    Looking awesome... She going to need her own garage.... DroolBurning_Rubber
  2. 67Mopar

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    Finally found five minutes to myself, so I took a quick trip to the shop. I had to deliver the Rocker Trim Clips so we can drill the holes before painting that area.
    The Charger is finally headed for the paint booth now, interior and undercarriage first of course. We had a long discussing concerning what to put where in terms of paint, styles, colors, textures, etc.... I also introduced my Pinstriper to the Charger this morning as well, so she can start thinking about design concepts.

    Here's a shot of the Gal who will be doing all the pin striping on the Charger. My friend Remi in the background...
    Yes, that's a Pistol Belt Buckle she's wearing.


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  3. Bob Hogan

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    Nice... :)
  4. 67Mopar

    67Mopar Moderator Staff Member

    4 Gauge .... Anyone?
    Kristin is also the Store Manager for family owned & operated, Jeremiah Johnson Trading. They sell Antique "Collector" Firearms, Vehicles, Artwork, etc.

    In the previous photo she was telling a story about the time she was at the airport, going through the security check point, and had forgotten that she was wearing a Pistol Belt Buckle. ROLFROLFROLF

    Jeremiah Johnson Trading

    Killustrate It

    Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 8.50.48 AM.png
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  5. Bob Hogan

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    Yes Ma'am!!!!! The checks in the mail !!!!!
  6. 67r/t4speeder

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    I like her
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  7. 67Mopar

    67Mopar Moderator Staff Member

    Started back up on the spoiler project this morning. I'll post up when I have something to look at.
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  8. Bob Hogan

    Bob Hogan Active Member

    I sure its starting to look darn good?
  9. 67Mopar

    67Mopar Moderator Staff Member

    Just to rehash a few items concerning the methods used here...
    The easiest way to create a mold is to put a model in a box and fill it with mold rubber. This would be enormously expensive in this case however, so I switched plan "A". Plan "A" would have been the next easiest route, but required outside services from a friend who is nearly as busy as I am. That said, Plan "A" was scrapped, and I moved to Plan "B". Now Plan "B" requires numerous extra steps, a lot of different materials, and a lot more time, but I can do it without having to call in any favors, so that's where I'm headed.

    These are some of the materials that I ordered for the spoiler project. This is stuff that I couldn't buy locally. I still need to pick up a few other things like chopped fiberglass, Styrofoam, art board, plywood, etc, but most of that stuff is available locally and it's cheap.
    The 3 jugs seen in the pic below on the other hand are Industrial Use Only chemicals that come at a cost of $200, so you can't just go pick them up at your local Wally World... and these aren't even for the mold itself.
    All this stuff mentioned above will be used to fabricate a box in which to pour the actual mold for casting the spoilers. Molding and Casting Materials are EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE so I'm building a custom container that will minimize the volume of material needed to actually create a mold from the models I built earlier.


  10. 67Mopar

    67Mopar Moderator Staff Member

    I started by slicing up some plywood. The plywood will be used to make the boxes that the molds are placed in for the actual casting.

  11. 67Mopar

    67Mopar Moderator Staff Member

    As I said, Plan "B" requires a lot more time, effort, and materials, but it still keeps the costs within reach, so here we go... Model making Part (1)... Starting with the small model today.

    The first thing you have to do here is wrap the model in plain old plastic wrap from the kitchen. This is done to keep the clay, which will be used in the next step, from sticking to the model.

  12. 67Mopar

    67Mopar Moderator Staff Member

    The next step is to start rolling out some clay and applying it to the model surfaces.
    I took a couple of scraps of wood and cut them down to 3/8" thickness. I put the clay between the 3/8" strip and roll it out with an old wooden roller from the kitchen. This gives the clay a nice uniform thickness. This is fairly important because, when it's all said and done, the clay will eventually be replaced with the actual mold rubber, which is very expensive. That said... 3/8" is about as thin as you can safely go with your mold rubber, so I'm rolling the clay out at 3/8" and going from there. It will be built up in certain areas before were all done.



  13. 67Mopar

    67Mopar Moderator Staff Member

    All said and done, it took four pounds of clay, and about an hours time to cover the top of the small model. I still need to add another pound or so to this part before it's ready, and another two will be needed for the bottom, at least. This is all I had time for this morning, so I wrapped the clay covered model in plastic wrap and set it aside for now. The clay is a Non-Hardening Modeling Clay, but I didn't want to just leave it sitting out unprotected either.

  14. 67Mopar

    67Mopar Moderator Staff Member

    I also took a few moments this morning to make a mold box for the small spoiler.
    The next step now is to add the final bit of clay to the top side of the model. Then it will be time to build a shell around the model.

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  15. 67r/t4speeder

    67r/t4speeder Active Member

    Fun project, keep up the nice work
  16. 67Mopar

    67Mopar Moderator Staff Member

    I'm starting with the small one just in case I screw something up. I haven't done any model work like this since the 70's. At one point back then, I was working as an Artist // Model Maker & Fabricator for a company that designed and built all kinds of cool artsy stuff. It didn't pay much, but it was a lot of fun.
  17. 67Mopar

    67Mopar Moderator Staff Member

    This morning I set the model on a piece of 1/2" Plywood that fits inside the Mold Box above... its purpose will be explained later. I finished adding the last bits of clay to the exterior of the model, forming a nice 3/8" layer of clay out to the edges of the plywood base. Then I put it back in the box.... ready for the next step.




  18. Bob Hogan

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    Guess thats one way to do it.... :)
    I must say, You are creative !!! :)
  19. 67Mopar

    67Mopar Moderator Staff Member

    You know how it is Bob... Us poor folk have to be creative Head_Scratcher, even if sometimes that means having to do things the hard way.

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  20. Bob Hogan

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    It is fun to be Challenged at times ... :)

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