Mike's 67 Charger Restoration - Part 2

Discussion in 'Bodywork/Paint/Exterior' started by 67Mopar, May 10, 2018.

  1. 67Mopar

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    Finished up the other spoiler mold this morning. They are both ready for the next stage of the game now, building a polymer shell around all that clay. Basically the same procedure you would use for Fiberglass... a Gel Coat for detail, followed by Glass reinforcement. Only in this case we'll be using a Polymer based product. Chopped fiber will still be added to the polymer for reinforcement though.

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  2. Bob Hogan

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    Nice !!
  3. 67Mopar

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    Got a little more done this morning.
    Just as with Fiberglass, you start by spraying your model with a light coat of the appropriate mold release product. Brush it lightly with a soft brush to spread it around, insuring good overall coverage. Then hit it with another light coat and let it sit for a few minutes.

  4. 67Mopar

    67Mopar Moderator Staff Member

    The next step is the Gel Coat... the only difference here is I'm using a polymer based product to create my Gel Coat. I mixed up enough to cover the small spoiler and about a 3rd of the larger spoiler. Then I ran out of time and product, so hopefully tomorrow.

  5. Bob Hogan

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    DrinkingDrunk You go Buddy !!
  6. 67Mopar

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    Finished applying the Gel Coat on the full length spoiler this morning. Now I just have to add some fiber to the mix, and start building it up to make it strong and ridged.
    I may start on that tomorrow morning before work if I have time... that's a big if though... we'll see what happens.
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  7. 67Mopar

    67Mopar Moderator Staff Member

    I applied the reinforcement layers to the mold boxes yesterday.
    Once it cured, I used a spray foam (tough stuff or whatever) to fill the remaining voids.

  8. 67Mopar

    67Mopar Moderator Staff Member

    I pulled the models and the clay from the mold cavity this morning. I still have to cut the excess foam off the back side, but that's no biggie.
    Had a rough time getting the models out of their respective mold cavities. Normally you would wrap up your model in plastic wrap, cover it in clay, and apply your polymer shell coating, all in the same day, but... I don't have all day for such things. Consequently, the plastic wrap has sat there for so long that it had adhered itself to both surfaces, the clay and the models. Equivalent to trying to remove something under a super strong vacuum. I got it done none-the-less. Just had to carve away some of the clay first to get a little movement going. It took a long time though.
    Either way, I now have two completed shells ready for mold rubber... one for the full length spoiler and one for the shorty.

    I still have to remove my little registration markers (nuts) from the shell to though. I didn't have them inserted into the clay deep enough, but again no biggie. Hoping I'll have time to finish this up this morning before heading off to NH, so we'll see. Just wanted to update things this morning.

    P.S. I also bagged up the clay that I removed from each mold. This way , all I have to do is weigh the clay from each mold, and this will tell me approximately how many cubic inches of Mold Rubber is needed to fill the void left behind by the clay.

    Other than that... I'm headed to my house up in NH later today...




    Still have to cut this foam off here so it's flush to the box

  9. Bob Hogan

    Bob Hogan Active Member

    Dam Dude.... You got game !!!!! Thats looking awesome !!!!! :)
  10. 67Mopar

    67Mopar Moderator Staff Member

    Stopped by the shop this morning...
    The Charger is in the paint booth right now... They are nearly finished with the undercarriage. They just recently applied the Rust Bullet Black Shell over the original Rust Bullet treatment. Then they put a couple of coats of U-POL Raptor over the black shell for added protection. They still have to do the area up by the engine bay, but they were waiting for direction from me as to where to start and stop in that area. Once they're done here, the plan is to hit the interior with the Lizard Skin products... Ceramic for heating and cooling, followed by Sound Deadener.
    They also want to prime and block the exterior a couple of more times before paint. It looks perfect to me now, but they swear that there are a couple of imperfections that only show up when wet, so.... have at it then.
    In the mean time, here's a few pic's from today.... progress... finally.



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  11. 67Mopar

    67Mopar Moderator Staff Member

    I also removed the excess foam from the two spoiler mold boxes the other day. Here's a shot of the shorter one, top & bottom


  12. 67Mopar

    67Mopar Moderator Staff Member

    I ordered the mold rubber and other chemistry needed to produce the initial prototypes of the spoilers this morning. Eating_Popcorn
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  13. Bob Hogan

    Bob Hogan Active Member

    Wow... Looks Nice.... But man is this a process to get them moving along?
  14. 67Mopar

    67Mopar Moderator Staff Member

    My new chemistry kits for prototyping the spoilers arrived yesterday while I was at work.

  15. Bob Hogan

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    Oooooooo.... Drinking

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