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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mrmopartech, Jul 7, 2020.

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    The people at 440 source do not want to take any responsibility when you buy a product from them,or give you any instruction sheet and at least ball park info with a product you buy from them.Case in point,external oil pump adapter,I buy all the parts need to install this part,gaskets,bolts,regulator,seals and install the unit after re-aligning the pump,as none of the bolts go through,I guess they can,t afford 4 3/8 bolts to align the pump and adapter,some 4$ or so,really big expense.It has a new filter,oil,8 quarts ready to rock and roll,start the engine and bring the engine up to 1500rpm oil guage goes past 100PSI and blows out the oil filter and dump all the oil into my trailer,shut it off within seconds and start the clean up.So what the f#$k happened??? After clean up,1 hour of rags and kitty litter,towels,it,s time to see what happen.I will get all new oil filter and put back the stock plug it came with and look at the adjustable regulator.I think I found the problem!The adjustable regulator that they put together the adjusting screw is all the way in,maxed out for the highest pressure you can get,NOTE,there are NO paper instruction at all for any thing,the pump,adjuster,nothing,but two sheets to buy more parts from them.My oil gauge is sitting now at 20PSI,the engine is not running,so that,s toast.I call them and they don,t want anything to do with helping the issue,I am lucky this happen in the trailer and not the track,15,000$ engines are not sold at walmart.The manager brandon at 440 seems to be a clown and want,s to push every thing back on the buyer,so I am warning you guys now,beware of this shop and the dealings,mrmopartech
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    Thanks! Tips like this can save a lot of heartache down the road for others....
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    Brandon and company have never been very helpful, unless there's a sale involved... after that your on your own. You bought it, you own it, you figure it out... we just sell the stuff.

    Then again, I have found this to be true with most Aftermarket Retailers... Not all to be sure, but most.
    The really scary ones, are the ones that claim to have superior knowledge, handing it out like candy, when the actually possess little or none. They just parrot information they heard or read from someone else, who also had little or no knowledge of the subject. The retailers of aftermarket disc brake systems are some of the worst.
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    If they had any brains,They would not assemble or at least send a small paper that says back off the screw to max and allow 2-3 threads to start and adjust screw to the pressure you need to be safe.The manager is just being a dick,and admits to not having any paper work for any of the products,so spend a couple of grand,and no info what so ever,really good business practice.I have mopar members call me all the time,and any help I can help them with,I give it free,so they don,t go through B/S like this,and send them papers by email to show and help,like re-drilling a mopar flywheel for another engine build,done deal.I am sure brandon last name must start with a S,that way he is known as BS,mrmopartech
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