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    Been looking online for awhile cant seem to find any information anywhere not sure if I am wording what I am looking for correctly or not so asking here. Today I noticed that I am losing about 2 quarts when driving in town glad the oil sending unit is working are I would of not known that I was losing so much oil jamming to the tune's and so on not paying attention.

    Added 2 more quarts and headed back home asap. Jacked the front end up and could see over spray or blow by of oil but no leak. I then started the car after setting the emergency brake and observed a nice stream of oil leaking as though it was a river.

    Cleaned the area off and it appears that the housing that the oil filter screws onto is leaking up top almost impossible to see it really but you can stick your finger between the oil filter and the engine block and it is very obvious. Where can I find a new gasket? Looks like the housing comes off pretty easy just seen a few bolts and of course the small metal plate. Just in case if the housing adapter is bad are there still ones available stock? Thank You
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    Is it a small blockor big block,mrmopartech
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    Took my time did not half to lift the engine at all. Replaced with new gasket oil filter and oil. Drove maybe 2 hours gauge didn't come on. Got home got under the car no leaks we our rolling again. One of these days I plan on rebuilding the engine but till she dies I wont. Could be awhile or who knows may out live me those slants back in the day were some tuff engines and still are if you ask me. Thank You
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    Glad you got what you needed and got it back up and rolling.... Those are tough engines for sure... Good old "Buzzen Half Dozen".... Keep on Cruising...

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