Passenger Side Mirror

Discussion in 'Bodywork/Paint/Exterior' started by Huskidrive, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. Huskidrive

    Huskidrive Active Member

    My Challenger came without a passenger side mirror. I would like to put a repro chrome mirror on it. Does the mounting position on the passenger door the same as the drivers door? Such as: distance from the front of the door and the height. Thanks in advance, Carl
  2. 67Mopar

    67Mopar Moderator Staff Member

    No vent window louvers on the Challenger to interfere with drivers vision, so I am going with yes, both mirrors mount in the same location respectively.
  3. Huskidrive

    Huskidrive Active Member

    Thanks! I don't want any mistakes this far into the project.

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